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2021 Live Your Life On Purpose Workshop


"This workshop helped me discover and harness the power that I have over my own life. Shawna's approach to coaching is compassionate and clear and she has helped me fall in love with myself. If you are ready to grow as a human, she is the best guide to take you on that journey. She really is incredible." 

Shaheeen N.

2019 Participant

Are You Ready to Make 2021 The Year of RESULTS?   

• READY to set New Year’s Resolutions that work.
• READY to live in the present and turn down all the noise.
READY to feel complete confidence in yourself.
•READY to live your best life.


Then my Live Your Life On Purpose Workshop is for you!

A unique, year-long, just for women, transformative workshop that helps you to learn and practice, with support all along the way so that you can make lasting changes! 


STARTS January 29th, 2020!

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