Couple's Coaching in Edmonton, Alberta that can help you save and improve your relatonhsip and your marriage. Get th counselling and tools for lasting love.

I love to work with couples – love, love, love it. Besides being a romantic at heart, I'm a big believer in the power of relationships to encourage us to bring our best forward, to work on our piles of doo-da and ultimately, make us feel more alive.


I've also been happily married for twenty-five years, and through all of life's experiences, I'm grateful for the joy and support that comes with this connection and commitment. I believe that by growing self-awareness, and then learning and practicing tried and true skills, you can build a relationship you love.  


 - Isn't an accident. It's the practice of sustaining healthy habits that support the feelings you have for each other.

   HOW I HELP: I teach and encourage these habits – it’s biochemical and formula-based.


 - Enhances each person’s experience; it doesn't complete it. Sorry, Jerry McGuire.

   HOW I HELP: I help you define your needs, wants, desires and expectations and understand the difference           between them and how to get them met.

 - A living and breathing organism that must be nurtured to survive and ultimately thrive.  

   HOW I HELP: I share with you the principles and tools for lasting love.

 - Values and honours individual perspectives while building a strong vision for the couple.

   HOW I HELP: I help you create the road-map for Interdependence – support each other without losing yourself.

 - One where conflict is seen as the possibility of a new awareness, increased trust and development. It isn't seen 

   as a sign of incompatibility.

   HOW I HELP: I will teach you the difference between"right" fighting and fighting right. 

 - A place where each person feels safe to share and grow.

   HOW I HELP: You will learn the neuroscience of conversation to feel understood and heard.














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  • Round and round with the same conflict, no resolution?

  • Disconnected and disinterested in each other?

  • Lack of intimacy, physically, emotionally, and mentally?

  • Feeling lost and confused?

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  • Things are pretty good, but you want better.

  • You want to divorce proof your marriage.

  • You want to create a vision for your future and work on it together.

  • You want to reinforce your foundation, so that no matter what comes your way, you remain a team.

  • You are about to have kids or you already do and you want to thrive as a family.


  • I'm like Sweden; a neutral, safe place where you can strengthen what's working, get the support and tools for what's not, and ultimately work your way back to each other.

  • I don’t pick a side – I'm for both of you and the partnership.

  • I offer an outside, helicopter view in order to help you to see the situation from a different perspective.

  • Coaching is solution focused and productive, and will provide real, active exercises and approaches to effectively work on your relationship.

  • I will provide a light, safe place, while respecting the sometimes heavy feelings and issues that arise.

  • I'm non-judgmental.

Contact me today, and let's begin the journey to a relationship built, On Purpose