• Shawna Campbell

The Easy Way or the Hard Way?

Do you want to do it the easy way or the hard way? Can I take door number three? The better question is, does this choice honour my life? Does this choice create the feelings I desire and support my values long-term?

When we focus with the end in mind, the destination in the forefront and the purpose planned, we'll avoid both the easy and the hard and instead only see the necessary.


Do you ever sweep crumbs under the rug or the cupboards? Do you ever sort of brush your teeth or wash your face before bed? Do you ever just…? We all take the easy way out sometimes; the road travelled a lot and the path of least resistance, or cleanliness or healthiness, as the case may be. The consequences of an occasional easy-way-out won't amount to catastrophe, but a lifetime of shortcuts is a recipe for disappointment, messiness and pain. Short-term relief now will lead to long-term discomfort because what you don't deal with doesn't disappear; crumbs pile up my friends, and tooth decay sets in, and once it's grown, it's a lot harder to deal with. Your future life is happening now, and the “I’ll do it later when I feel like it, once I’m ready" has lasting consequences.

The small actions and commitments avoided daily, are the sum total of your life.

What's the message? I’ll live my life later? I’ll value myself later? I’ll remember that my relationships are sacred later? That won't create a life of ease but of unease and dissatisfaction.


I have seen this play out in my client’s experiences many times. There are goals, projects and outcomes that they want, and before the words have barely left their mouths, they've put a bunch of hurdles in the way. Hurdles that look and sound like: procrastination, perfection, right timing, more support, the best option, more free time or money. In a matter of minutes, the path between them and this thing they want is littered with a hurdle every step of the way. Yes, sometimes, we have to persevere and overcome and jump the hurdles. Most often, however, we need to stop putting the hurdles there in the first place!

We aren't more amazing, and the goal isn't more worthy because we've knocked down three thousand hurdles to get there. Worthwhile and amazing aren't always stupendous feats of overcoming. Worthwhile can be the decision to allow your fears to fuel you, not block you, to allow vulnerability to move your forward, not trip you up. It's taking actions that are neither easy nor hard but necessary. The path to what you want requires consistency, strategy and small daily choices. There's nothing “easy” about that because the internal work, the daily choice, the self-belief, the risk exposure are just as true and the discomfort just as real. Is that not a big enough hurdle? Do you need to make it any harder?

Whether it's immediately dealing with a challenge or issue or stopping yourself from creating additional or imaginary hurdles, choosing to see and do what's necessary is the easiest thing you can do to overcome what feels hard.

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