• Shawna Campbell

What Does It All Mean?

Pondering profound questions like, why am I here, what's the meaning of it all, and what's my purpose can be a sure-fire way to create an existential crisis.

When you stop trying to find meaning and instead act with the purpose, you'll avoid the rabbit hole created by trying to answer the unanswerable questions. Instead, try to remember that time and experiences are limited. This will catalyze a commitment to feeling, doing and being the best you can be, here and now.

Big questions that cannot be answered may be necessary, and even fun to toss around once in a while, but ultimately tasking the brain to discover some grande meaning is a poor substitute for facing who we are, working on what needs work, and then taking the often small and mundane steps each day. This is reverence - that all of it gives life meaning, and there's nothing more profound than that.

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