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While working with Shawna I feel like I uncovered the things I was doing unknowingly to sabotage the very success I so badly wanted in my career and my personal life. 
Shawna and I explored aspects of myself that were not always flattering and were often hard to admit, but I always felt it was a safe place and I never felt judged. 

I would highly recommend Shawna's unique services to anyone that is willing to look at themselves honestly, who really desires change and who's willing to do the sometimes ugly and emotional work of self-reflection.

I consider my time with Shawna invaluable and well spent. Every woman needs 2 things in their life: a good bra and a life coach like Shawna. 


Edmonton, AB

Shawna has helped me develop tools and strategies to navigate some of life’s toughest challenges. I truly don’t know where I would be without her guidance, encouragement, and compassionate spirit. She has the amazing gift of being able to ask the challenging questions that move you forward, all while being your biggest supporter. I feel so much more capable in all areas of my life because of the work I have done with Shawna. This has been one of the best investments I have made in myself. I am so grateful to have found her.


Edmonton, AB

I started working with Shawna just over a year ago because I was struggling with where I wanted to go in life and how to get there. Shawna has really helped me find more confidence within myself and has given me tools to reach my goals and get where I want to be. Since I started working with her I have traveled to Europe on my own, moved away from my home town and realized endless things about myself that have greatly improved the way I perceive life. She has always made me feel that she genuinely cares and believes in me. She has never included her own judgment but instead acts as a guide for me to find the right answers based on my own beliefs and values. Her insight and wisdom have been invaluable and I look forward to working with her in the future.


Edmonton, Alberta

As a result of my coaching with Shawna, I have developed more healthy relationships and have been able to prioritize my life.  Shawna's ability to listen and talk through issues is nothing short of amazing.  The skills she teaches in communication, time management, and building self-worth is invaluable in both your personal and business life.  She has been an invaluable member of my team for the last 4 years and will continue to be for a very long time. 



Sherwood Park, Alberta

In 2011 I hired Shawna Campbell as my life coach. She assisted me with tools for recovery of the perfectionism and people-pleasing that was running and ruining my life. In time, my husband became her client as well. Shawna is my coach and mentor and she creates a safe and trustworthy space for me to be me in this world. Her continued support and encouragement continues to give me permission to create the rest of my life as the best of my life. Our work together inspires and assists me to be truly helpful from an authentic place in my work as a spiritual life coach. Our children are now being coached by Shawna too; learning how to communicate our needs in healthy ways is so valuable. We are so grateful that Shawna is life coach to the Vass Family! Thank you Shawna!


Edmonton, AB

I sought out Shawna’s services as I wanted direction in a particular arm of my business. I was immediately impressed with Shawna’s ability to really hear me and to provide gentle and probing questions that invited me to see new perspectives and approaches. In each session, I felt “met” and understood, and at each session’s conclusion I felt supported, excited and motivated! I appreciate Shawna’s ability to be professional while maintaining her authenticity, warmth, and empathy. She is the whole package. If you are seeking effective professional and/or personal guidance and support, you have come to the right person! 


Edmonton, AB

I can’t say enough about my experience working with Shawna. I reached out to her knowing that I had this big dream inside of me, but feeling frustrated about where to start. Since working with Shawna I am in awe of what I have been able to accomplish in the last year on my journey as an artist. She helped me see that I don’t have to wait to “get there” before I can be happy and every step in the right direction is worth celebrating. When I opened myself up to these positive affirmations great things started happening! I truly attribute my current success to the foundation of self love and confidence that she helped me build. Investing in Shawna’s life coach services was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.


Whitehorse, YT

I enjoy working with Shawna because she is an experienced coach, and therefore knows the issues many of us face in achieving our personal and business goals.  She is able to suggest ways around these issues, not only in a practical manner, but in helping me with my mindset as well. I think of her as much a coach, and as a mentor, and value the post-meeting summaries she sends me, together with other exercises that help me progress. I would whole-heartedly recommend Shawna if you wish to achieve more in your life. 

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