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Couples' Coaching and Counselling

Couples Coaching

I love to help couples build a relationship where each person can thrive. A happy and positive partnership benefits everyone and makes this crazy ride we call life better. We all desire to feel confident, respected, heard and loved in our relationships, and I'm committed to helping you foster all of this and more. 
Not there yet?
  • ​Round and round with the same conflict –no resolution.

  • Disconnected and disinterested in each other.

  • Lack of intimacy - emotionally and physically.

  • Feel lost and confused.

Or maybe?

  • Things are pretty good, but you want better.

  • You want to divorce-proof your marriage.

  • You want to create a vision for your future and work on it together.

  • You want to reinforce your foundation to remain a team no matter what comes your way.

  • You're about to have kids, or you already do and want to thrive as a family.

I believe in the power of a healthy relationship to bring the best of us forward and enrich our lives in profound ways. What's your dream for your partnership?


I can help. You don't need to do it alone.

I love to work with couples.

I've been happily married for over twenty-six years, and through all of life's experiences, I'm grateful for the commitment my husband I make each day to show up for one another. But it's not always easy! It can be hard to relate, understand, listen to, and meet each other's needs while managing life's stressors and strains. 

Here's what twenty-six years of marriage and fourteen years of coaching couples has taught me: It's not an accident, it's not just for a lucky few, and it's not inevitable that you grow apart. 


​I can teach you the specific principles and practices to help you build a relationship you love. 

Relationship Coaching
Marriage Counselling

The Couples Coaching Process 

We'll do a free consultation to get to know each other and explore what you and your partner want to address in your relationship. 

After creating a plan, we'll meet for one-hour sessions, where you'll learn about and practice the skills that strengthen what makes you great as a couple. We'll explore perspectives, discuss options, and design practical actions and exercises to build a loving, fun and powerful partnership. 

I know the process can feel vulnerable and uncomfortable at times, and so I'm committed to providing a light, safe place to handle the issues and challenges that arise. I don't pick a side, and like Sweden, the coaching space is a neutral environment where you'll feel supported as you work on your relationship. 

Contact me today, and let's begin the journey to a relationship built, On Purpose.

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