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Life Coaching


  • Maintaining momentum even when you feel unmotivated.

  • ​Releasing self-limiting beliefs that stop you.

  • ​Living your values no matter what challenges are in front of you. 

  • ​Having healthy boundaries and, therefore, happy relationships.

  • ​Letting go of the past and living in the present.

  • Feeling calm, focused and capable.


It's hard to change your life. To change how you've always done it, take risks, and keep going.


This isn't because you're incapable or unmotivated. It comes down to your brain's familiar patterns, and sometimes those patterns are not helpful or what's best for you. 

I Can Help!

Using the best of life coaching and cutting-edge neuroscience, we can get to the heart of what you most want to feel, do, and experience and what needs to change to make it happen. 

We team up to uncover your current mindset and the habits getting in the way. With this awareness, the right tools and my support, you'll create new patterns of thought and behaviour, leading to greater confidence in your ability to shape your life. 

Stop imagining and start living, On Purpose.

Life Coaching
Therapy and Life Coaching

What to Expect: 




I will ask powerful questions and provide strategies and resources to help you understand yourself and turn your brain into your strongest ally. You will develop the mindset to make the changes you most desire. 



I care, and I want the best for you. I know life is hard sometimes, and change takes courage. You will have support every step of the way.


I can help you live your life with ease and courage, On Purpose. I cheer, applaud, push, and prod, all in the service of you re-connecting to your strengths, re-committing to your values and realizing your truest desires. 

The Method:

  • Sessions can be done in-person, over the phone, via Zoom, or FaceTime.

  • Insightful questions and neuroscience-based coaching allow us to clarify what you want and need and then create a plan to get results. 

  • Having an ally and a partner. You are not alone. 

  • Expect ongoing email and text follow-up, support, and accountability.

  • Progress and tangible results.

  • A highly personalized approach geared towards what you most want to improve, maximize, or change.

Professional Life Coach
While working with Shawna, I feel like I uncovered the things I was doing unknowingly to sabotage the very success I so badly wanted in my career and personal life. Shawna and I explored aspects of myself that were not always flattering and were often hard to admit, but I always felt it was a safe place, and I never felt judged. I would highly recommend Shawna's unique services to anyone willing to look at themselves honestly, who really desires change and who's willing to do the sometimes ugly and emotional work of self-reflection. I consider my time with Shawna invaluable and well spent. Every woman needs 2 things in their life: a good bra and a life coach like Shawna.

~ Joelle, Radio host: 101.5 TODAY Radio, Calgary, AB

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