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Are you ready to Live Your Life On Purpose?

Ready to live your life by your design? To be intentional, and committed, and produce optimal results in all areas of your life? To be both the artist and the art? Together, the words On Purpose, are literally defined as, “by design, intentionally." 


It's time to live the life you've always envisioned.

This is the moment, today is the day! 


Stop imagining and start living, On Purpose.

Hi, I'm Shawna.

Life Coach 
Catalyst for Change
People Whisperer


How often do you start something, promise yourself, buy the books and attend the workshops, but no matter what, you feel stuck and frustrated, ultimately left believing that there’s something wrong with you?

That’s where I come in. I'm committed to being a catalyst for the growth, change, and forward movement you're seeking. I believe we can work together to create new patterns of thought, aligning what you want, with the beliefs and actions that will enable you to transform your life. 


I Believe:

  • That living On Purpose is a way of being, it’s not a thing.

  • That living On Purpose is an active, dynamic, and self-aware state.

  • In curiosity and open-mindedness, and the ability to transform the old, into the new.

  • In shrugging off perfection and striving, and instead embracing compassion and thriving.

  • In the capabilities of each person to tap into their potential and their ultimate balance, health, success, and peace.

Are you ready to live your life On Purpose? 


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Life Coaching

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I have been insecure, shy and preoccupied with what I ‘should’ be doing all my life. I felt lost and unsure if I would ever find happiness. Shawna has opened my eyes to the endless opportunities and possibilities within my reach. She showed me that it is okay to be uncomfortable and take risks because that is how we grow. I feel like a new person and have made several positive changes. I can honestly say I feel happy. Shawna was able to show me that doing things in support of my goals and dreams instead of doing things because I felt I should is my main priority and the best way to honor myself and for that I am truly thankful."

- Carrie, Edmonton, AB