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Are You Ready to

Live Your Life On Purpose? 

Together, the words On Purpose, are literally defined as “by design, intentionally."


Isn't that what we all want? To know we can create a life we love and that we can respond to and handle whatever comes? 

Are you ready to:

  • Make sustainable changes in any area of your life. 

  • Get results with proven, life-changing strategies beyond self-help cliches.

  • Learn how to "mind your brain" to create new options, make decisions and take action.

•    Stop living the same patterns, issues, and problems.
•    Have more confidence, joy, and peace.
•    Handle anxiety, depression, and build emotional resilience.


Hi, I'm Shawna.

How often do you start something, promise yourself, buy a book or attend the workshops, but no matter what, you feel stuck and frustrated, ultimately left believing that there's something wrong with you? 

That's where I come in.

I've always known that life moves fast; therefore, it's my mission to help you get to it! Together, we'll figure out what you want to change or grow, identify the habits and mindset needed, and then design a plan to make it happen.


My experience, philosophy, and unique approach mean I coach the person, not the niche. So, as your Life Coach, whether it's self-esteem, health, career, relationships, making a decision, building a business or going after a big dream, I'll work with you to read the clues and take action to live your life On Purpose.


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Ready to live your life On Purpose?

Life Coaching



Emotional Freedom Technique

While working with Shawna, I feel like I uncovered the things I was doing unknowingly to sabotage the very success I so badly wanted in my career and personal life. Shawna and I explored aspects of myself that were not always flattering and were often hard to admit, but I always felt it was a safe place, and I never felt judged. I would highly recommend Shawna's unique services to anyone willing to look at themselves honestly, who really desires change and who's willing to do the sometimes ugly and emotional work of self-reflection. I consider my time with Shawna invaluable and well spent. Every woman needs 2 things in their life: a good bra and a life coach like Shawna.

~ Joelle, Radio host: 101.5 TODAY Radio, Calgary, AB