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Your Questions Answered

Below you'll find the most common questions I’ve been asked about coaching and the services I provide. If you'd like any additional information, please give me a call or send me an email, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

What is Life Coaching? ​

At its core, it's a purposeful, exploratory conversation. It's a partnership where we discover what is and isn't working, and we then use this information to elicit action and get results. Life coaching is self-directed neuroplasticity. By asking you new questions, challenging current perspectives and providing better strategies, you change your mind to change your life.  

What do I do as your Coach?​


My role is to help you identify and articulate your aspirations. I help you design your life to honour your values, maximize your strengths, and fully utilize your skills. I'm supportive and nonjudgmental, and I believe you're capable and resourceful. I'll provide you with a new perspective and the tools and support you need to take action, change unhelpful behaviours and develop the resilience and skills to handle what comes. 


Talking to me is like talking to a hidden and often forgotten self. It's not very often in life that attention is 100% focused on you! When coaching with me, I give you space where it's all okay - the challenges, the past, the mistakes, the fears, the dreams, and who you are now and who you want to be. 

I have read self-help books or attended workshops ... why is this different?​


It's specific and focused on you. I'm here for you, and I offer an unbiased and objective perspective. My clients call me the people whisperer. I'm good at uncovering the patterns and habits getting in the way. The conversation, subsequent approach and support are guided by you -  where you are now, what you want most and how you're going to get there. My clients feel clear and confident with the support, and the results are more efficient and effective. It's tailored, responsive and results-driven.

How is coaching different from therapy?​


Life Coaching isn't therapy; however, working with me is therapeutic. Coaching is distinct from traditional therapy because it isn't designed to address the past; but instead, the focus is on creating what you want now and in the future. If emotional or past issues arise, we'll deal with them, and I'll help you understand yourself, your blocks and how you can move forward with better beliefs and mental strategies.

Is Life Coaching Confidential?​


What we discuss will be held in confidence and not be shared with others. Life Coaching is a confidential process, and your personal information will always be protected.

What do most of my clients come to coaching for? 


Everything! I don't have one specific problem or niche that I help clients resolve. I'm a "life" coach. I support clients in seeing themselves, their situation, and their options in a new way. Whether it's relationships, feeling stuck, improving health, building self-esteem, career support or going after a big dream, I help clients change their minds to change their lives. 

What is the process? 


Sessions are done virtually, either via phone or Zoom. Before working together, I offer a free consultation where we get to know each other and discuss what support you most want. After this meeting, I'll send you Intake Forms and a Welcome Package. Working through these documents, you clarify your desired outcomes. I then tailor an approach to match your individual needs. 


I often provide assignments or "homework" to help direct your progress. After each session, you receive follow-up notes detailing what we discussed and what we're working on. You're also encouraged to send me emails or texts to share, get ideas and receive support in-between sessions. I care and want the best for you, and I'll often reach out to check in and cheer you on!

How long do people generally work with a life coach? 


There is no one-size-fits-all approach; therefore, you don't need to commit to a specific number of sessions; however, the goals and life change you resolve to complete benefit from a commitment. If you're interested in life coaching, you want meaningful results! The coaching process provides significant results when paired with the dedication to the time and energy it deserves. 

Schedule your complimentary session today to discover more, experience coaching first-hand, and learn how I can help you!

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