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1. I don’t have time.

Really? Sometimes maybe, but as an ongoing mantra of why you cannot exercise, go to school, phone a friend, hmm... maybe time to challenge this one? If it's important to you, you will, and historically, have found the time – the newest episode of a Handmaid's Tale, no problemo, but 30 minutes to work on your book, too busy.

2. I don’t know enough.

Sure, and you never will. There's always more to learn and people who know more. Granted, if you're a first year medical student, open heart surgery requires a touch more experience and knowledge, but the endless game of needing to be perfect or more experienced, means we would never practice, improve, or in theory have any surgeons. I see this play out when people don't apply for the job, start a company or share what they know. Someone, somewhere will benefit – put yourself out there and see what happens.

3. I'm too old or it's too late.

Google people in their eighties going back to school, climbing Mount Everest, learning to read, taking up a hobby or starting a business – they're not urban myths, they exist! There may be modifications to the dream or goal, however some part of your interest, and passions can be explored – the choice is yours.

4. I don’t have enough money.

Maybe not all of it, and not right now, but there's a starting place, a creative solution, long-term planning and support. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn't built in a day.” How could you start today?

5. Success is the opposite of failure.

No, no, and no. As one of my instructors, Sandy Newbigging said, “In life, you either get the results you wanted or the reasons you didn’t.” Failure is feedback, and information. Success is a process of adapting to this feedback, taking steps, enjoying the journey, and learning more and more each day.

“The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves. We live in denial of what we do, even what we think. We do this because we’re afraid.” ~Richard Bach


These are some of the lies that impede a fulfilling life. These ideas become habituated responses to new plans or goals, and when left unchallenged, simply maintain status quo. Many of them are perpetuated in society or worn as a badge of honor. We nod in robotic agreement, consent, and continue to idly peruse how other people are living by scrolling through Instagram or Facebook.

Isn’t it time we told the truth? What could happen if you were completely honest with yourself, challenged these falsehoods, and told a more accurate story?

1. You might realize your dreams! Or, you'll certainly be a lot closer, experience more joy, and fulfillment in life, learn something new, and meet interesting people along the way.

2. You'll build confidence. Confidence comes from taking risks, and this means feeling afraid and doing it anyway. These lies, or limiting beliefs are a protective mechanism that allow us to stay safe. But, they also encourage us to play smaller than we want, and to resist change, and to stay stuck.

3. Experience more day-to-day satisfaction and joy. By actively participating in doing something to reinforce what you want to believe, you'll be living on purpose and with intention. This can affirm your value, and create more positive feelings every day.


Recognize, challenge and re-frame the old beliefs. Beliefs are simply thoughts you've had over and over again, until you “convinced” yourself, and now live like they're true. What if you had another, healthier, more empowering thought, over and over, until it was just as true?

What do you tell yourself, that stops you before you even start? This is the lie, the outdated belief, the myth - challenge it, and ask, is it true? How's this helping me? Hindering me? What could I believe instead? Start saying that over and over, and then take small, consistent steps to enforce it, and watch what could happen if you lived beyond belief!

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