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What's Your Purpose?

Your Purpose isn't a thing.

It isn't a career or a hobby, or a project.

It isn't a path laid out for you or a gift you receive.

It isn't a treasure you're meant to hunt down and claim.

Your Purpose is to live intentionally, by design.

It's purposeful in word and deed.

It is to be On Purpose.

It's the commitment to live in the present, taking responsibility for what you think, how you make choices and how you respond to the circumstances in your life.

It is a deliberate and conscious choice to learn and grow.

Your Purpose is living from your values and creating a life of value.

Stop looking for it and start choosing it.


1. They accept where they are and what is happening.

2. They embody what they value and therefore feel purposeful in their actions.

3. They stop complaining and start doing.

4. They decide what they will think.

5. They have a vision that is magnetizing and draws them forward.

6. They practice self-compassion.

7. They build tenacity and resilience.

8. They choose the feelings they want, and they promote them through deliberate thoughts and actions.

9. They surround themselves with people who mentor, inspire and challenge them. 

10. They know that life is always changing and that purpose is not a destination or a thing but a state of mind. 

Your purpose is to be present with your life, and as Robert Byrne said, “the purpose of life is a life of purpose.”


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