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Law of Attraction or Law of Action?

In the next couple of posts, I'll explore self-help and motivational concepts that sometimes provide more confusion than clarity due to the watered-down and incomplete messages that often miss the mark.

I've studied and experimented with these ideas, and I've worked with clients who, when determined to make changes, diligently and with gusto, applied these ideas to their own lives. They come to me feeling that they've failed and cannot be helped when their desired outcome wasn't achieved.

Like many philosophies, there's usually a nugget of truth but it's often re-packaged, reduced, and re-engineered for the mass markets.

I want to get to the nugget and explore what can really make a difference. Here we go!


I, too, wanted to be let in on The Secret – who didn’t? Picture what you want, feel what it'll feel like to have it or experience it, and viola, like an Amazon drone, your package arrives!

I've had many clients come to see me, frustrated because they've been vision boarding, meditating and writing out their dreams and desires, with little, to no, results. They believed that they were doing it all wrong and felt discouraged, hoodwinked and frustrated.

The idea that what we think about and put our emotions behind will manifest has definitely been one of those watered-down methods that I've literally seen compel people to sell the farm and then lose it all due to following the incomplete, glossy appeal of the Law of Attraction.


Having a dream and a vision - good.

Understanding the feelings you want your dream to give you and then experiencing more of that day-to-day – also good.

Being compelled and moved by this vision -excellent!

Having specific goals and actions – super.

Taking little to no action - not good.

Lacking consistency with the actions - also a problem.

Having a belief system or personal foundation that promotes sabotage, lack of self-trust and poor decisions - a real challenge.

Not knowing and/or working with your personal values and capabilities - detrimental.

A vision board is like a good GPS - it can help you see the destination and pick a path, but you still have to prep the car, fuel it up, drive the car, pay attention to the road, handle weather changes, and take detours as needed.

It's straightforward - what we command the brain to pay attention to, it will. So, if you create a vision and use it as guidance, that's helpful. You want to and will need to create energy and momentum for the journey ahead! Goal-setting and consistent action, however, is an essential part of the process. So too is the ability to respond to feedback, setbacks and challenges, and to learn and develop the skills to stay with or alter your course, as needed.

The action part, the self-assessing part, and the numerous variables out of our control aren't nearly as enticing as the end vision or the dream of manifesting our desires, but this is where the "magic" happens.

Absolutely create a vision and use it as guidance, but always remember you're the driver and are ultimately responsible for getting there.

If you find value in this blog, please forward it to a friend. Thanks for reading!


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