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Are You Tired Yet?

Significant change often follows the declaration of, I’ve had enough of this! A moment of anger, sadness, frustration, or all of these rolled into one, moving us towards a breaking point. It’s in this moment, that whatever pain you think you’ll have to endure to change this thing, is no longer greater than the pain you’re living through. This is your breakthrough.

This toleration, situation, or condition that you’ve put up with, and put up with, or ignored, and glossed over until you cannot tolerate it a second longer. You’ve reached maximum capacity, stretch, accommodation, and boom – you’re done! The steps, and the choices required to make this thing different, is no different than it was seconds before the breakthrough, but the impetus, and force behind it has changed.

It’s a call to move beyond reacting, to creating. A call to act from vision, not fear. A call for courage, not comfort.

You're officially tired. Tired of reacting, fixing, ignoring, disliking, and struggling. Tired of feeling frustrated, lost, or less than. Just bloody tired. You’ve made up your mind, that whatever comes, the confusion, challenge, growth, or struggles, are worth it.

You see, we humans like the familiar, and look for comfort. We easily get into the habit of hiding from reality, and avoiding the scary unknown. As a group we've developed extremely enticing, addictive, and readily available ways to do this. We've made avoidance an art, and many, very lucrative industries, capitalize on this.

Once you’ve had this breakthrough you’ll need resilience; that deep down commitment and fortitude to adapt to, and overcome adversity, and stress. There’s a lesson here, for all of us, that staying comfortable, and avoiding discomfort is a behavior that seeps into all areas of our lives. We’re faced with small daily discomforts, which over time, build into the breaking point. They grow from what could’ve been a small choice in the moment, to larger decisions, and morph from a quick, simple action, into a heavier, ongoing grind.

Resilience is a skill that can be built over time. Build it while the stakes are smaller, and you'll be ready to face what comes. Whenever you feel even the tiniest discomfort, practice responding immediately, and lean in. Embrace, and accept little moments of discomfort, and anxiety in your day, as a path to building resilience and ask yourself, which action will make me feel most satisfied now, and in the long-term, avoidance or digging in?

Resilient people accept uncomfortable situations, and face them head on, and immediately, trusting that they will get through them. They challenge reactive thoughts and emotions, and avoid quick comfort and ease. Start today - What if you got tired sooner, and handled it quicker? Maybe you can breakthrough, without breaking down.


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