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Less Thinking, More Doing.

The self-help section at the bookstore and on Amazon is overflowing. There's a book for every problem, dream, challenge and desire. There are 5-step, quick-fix, biographies and year-long guides. There are authors of every background, with every letter and label behind their names. These books can be inspiring, uplifting, and challenging.

They are also completely useless if you don't take action.

There's no shortage of options, pathways, or ideas, and you can easily find the steps and processes to change any part of your life. But, the secret sauce isn't to buy another book, take another program, or look for a fix; it's action. It's one step, and then another, and then another.

It is doing what you don't feel like doing.

It is doing what scares you.

It is doing the hard thing.

It is doing.

Action provides feedback and builds confidence. Once you know what you want and have picked a direction, take a step. Even a misstep is better than waiting for the perfect or right step. One small action catalyzes, provides options, creates motivation and clarifies the next steps.

In neuroscience, what fires together, wires together. Essentially we become what we repeatedly do.

We often wait until we feel like it or know it will work out, or we have healed our stuff, but these outcomes and "until" are created by the steps and, ultimately, the re-wiring of the brain. Actions are what create feelings, healing and confidence. Thinking less and doing more is a magic power. How will you use it today?

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