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Worthwhile Takes Time

In our culture of immediate gratification, time is a curse word. We advertise and perpetuate the myth of overnight success. This myth feeds into the desire to have the outcome; the prestige, the relief, the freedom and the recognition without the hard work, sacrifice and commitment.

You can go to a grocery store and buy potatoes, corn or green beans, or you can prep, seed, care for and eventually harvest your garden. There's nowhere and no method whereby you can buy a degree, finish a book, grow a relationship, build a business or get a job promotion in ten minutes. These endeavours, this garden of worthwhile achievements, takes time to blossom. During this time, you will develop confidence, character and resilience.

If your desire is worth it to you, if it truly matters, you'll manage the expectations of your time and effort; focusing not only on the outcome and what it'll give you but on understanding what you'll need to give, who you'll need to become and the commitment it takes to reap the benefits.

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