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You Can Change Your Mind

We live in a time when there's pressure to jump on the bandwagon, choose a side and form an opinion quickly. In a split second, you should know - are you for us or against, in or out?

Saying, I don't know or taking a minute to ponder, sit with it or research, especially if it's outside our comfort zone and what's acceptable, is reprehensible. To be liked and part of the group or to be seen as good, many will generate an opinion based on the ideas of others or the loudest voice in the room.

This addiction to being right and the need to belong drives neglect of time and energy dedicated to understanding the topic, the long-term consequences and how they genuinely feel about it. There's no real conviction, only the convenience of going along.

The confidence developed from understanding different perspectives and the courage to change your mind or to take the unpopular view is far more beneficial than being liked. This is what we need now, more than ever - critical thinking, self-examination, and the courage to change our minds, to see what we didn't, or couldn't before, admit that we don't know, and often acknowledge that we were wrong. There is nothing more right than that.

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