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Are You Boring?

People want to be at peace; with themselves and their past, with their present and their future. They want to be at peace with their bodies, relationships, finances and career.

Peaceful and boring go hand-in-hand. Peace comes from the decision to embrace, what at first, appears boring. It's a state of mind that doesn't indulge in overreaction, drama, victimization or right-fighting. It's a calmness, where pausing and breathing is the first choice. A choice demonstrating respect for yourself, and for others, and although it can appear boring, it's anything but.

Acceptance brings peacefulness; the ability to go with the flow, to know what you can affect and what you cannot. It's the absence of resistance and the willingness to be present with your feelings and life. Peace is available at any time. Yes, any time; not just on the all is right with the world, easy peasy, hunky dory, shiny and bright, good as can be days, but at all times.

The opposite of a peaceful state is a resistant state, which shows up as struggle in your life; a conflict between who you want to be, and who you are; what you wish was, and what is, and how you want others to behave, and how they actually do.

Peacefulness is expressed as flexibility and the healthy management of one’s emotions, thoughts and actions. To be peaceful means that you know and understand how to be in your life and with your life, despite external circumstances.

Society has an issue with peacefulness because it's often interpreted as boring. There isn't a lot of attention showered on those who behave and live from peace, unless they are exalted saints or Buddha. There are few rewards and little recognition, at least initially, for the peaceful approach, but get worked up, externalize, vocalize and dramatize – now we're getting somewhere, now we've got a story, now people are with us and for us.

The peaceful, calm and aware approach requires a shift in perspective and doesn't often make the water cooler discussion. There are few reality shows, movies or sitcoms about the calm person going about their day, making healthy choices and remaining centered and focused. Peacefulness will not add drama or fuel to your life; you'll simply be about your day.

This type of boring is a slow down period, and may feel new and foreign, and can appear to lack all the passion, excitement and energy that most people are craving. This type of boring should not be confused with being bored with life. The difference is that true passion, energy and excitement are present with peacefulness. When you're bored with life, adrenaline, drama and exhaustion is often interpreted as passion, energy and excitement. When you choose the so-called boring response, you reserve your energy and channel it towards empowering thoughts and activities.

Peacefulness does not imply passivity or dullness or avoiding. It's the gateway to deeper understanding and meaning. Life's always changing - dynamic and fluid, and peacefulness is the dance within this movement.

Peace means that you pause before you react, you empathize before you insist, you calm before you confront, you listen before you speak, and you breathe before you act. It's in this place where you evaluate and determine your course of action, that the lack of drama and strife can at first, be seen as boring. Peacefulness is knowing you always have a choice, and there's nothing boring about that.


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