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When is Enough, Enough?

Sometimes, on the personal growth and self-development path, we become confused between becoming and boundaries. Sometimes, in the desire to seek a deeper meaning, to rise above, it can be easy to excuse away and overlook other's poor behaviour, deny our heavy feelings and to say, it is, what it is. There are times to want what you want and need what you need, and to say yes or no as required. There's a time to draw a line in the sand.

There's a time to drop the always nice, higher thinking and evolutionary living. There's a time to take a break from always getting it, learning from it, and growing. There's a time when you don't need to reach a new level or obtain some nugget or prove that you are Buddha-esque.

There's a time when there doesn't need to be a profound reason, a perfect season, or a deeper meaning.

That time is whenever or wherever you feel you're being denied. When you're getting shoved around or brought down, that time is when you've spent the wise, tried the nice, organized the mind, and yet, you're not being valued or handled with care.

When you say to yourself, I would never treat you, speak to you, or be with you that way. I would apologize, not rationalize. I would sympathize, not fictionalize. I would explain why not deny.

You are done. The boundary is drawn—time to stand for you.

You've reached the season and found the meaning, and that boundary is very becoming.

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