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"Patience without purpose is procrastination. Be sure you know what you’re waiting for." ~ Wes Fessler

Do you know when you're procrastinating versus when you're being patient? Do you often interchange the two in order to suit the circumstances and/or how you're feeling?


Life today can create a constant urgency, a quick pace and hurry up and get there attitude. Patience isn't often cultivated or encouraged. It takes practice to pause, trust and wait for more information. Patience is required to give space to an idea, allowing room for it to grow and develop. Research and planning, thinking and dreaming, evaluating and discovering, are essential to the formulation, and implementation of anything new in life. Patience is waiting for what you've already created, worked on, and asked for to materialize.

  • Patience means you're fully prepared to accept opportunity when it comes, you've laid the foundation, and you're poised to act.

  • You'll know you're being patient when you've established clarity and direction, AND have taken steps.

  • You'll know you're being patient when you feel like there's no time like the present.

  • You'll most certainly know you're being patient when you feel peaceful and calm.

"Procrastination is, hands down, our favorite form of self-sabotage."~Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby


Patience can take a nose dive into procrastination when you bump up against obstacles; other responsibilities, life pressures, an unexpected setback, all of which can allow overwhelm, fear and uncertainty to creep in. This sabotages energy, and blocks the willingness to take action towards something that you want to do, or that you need to do. It can show up as a lack of effort or avoidance in not only tackling a task, but also in reevaluating, delegating or eliminating as needed.

Procrastination is present for many reasons; fear, inadequate or unclear goals, little or no support. Procrastination is often veiled under the well-meaning pretext of incessant planning and talking; the talk of someday, maybe and if only.

  • You'll know you're procrastinating when you've defined what you want, what has to change, what you could do, but you're still researching and preparing.

  • You'll know you're procrastinating when you're waiting for the “perfect” time, feeling, situation, location, day, and/or person.

  • You'll know you're procrastinating when you continually feel frustrated and regret how you're spending your time.


Patience is about paying attention - to yourself, your needs and your wants. It's remaining attentive and waiting; waiting for information, results and feedback. It's the focused awareness on the moment.

Procrastination is about anything that takes away attention from your goals and plans. It's delaying action, and remaining frozen by fear, limiting beliefs and indecision.

Patience: Timing, space, clarity, trust, present, researching to understand, actively waiting.

Procrastination: Perfect timing, forcing, confusion, fear, past or future, researching to avoid, passively delaying.

Would you like help cultivating patience and eliminating procrastination? Life coaching is a great way to learn how and when to wait, rather than delay. I would love to hear from you. Don't delay.

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