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Got Your Head Stuck In The Sand?

What are you pretending not to know? What's the thing that you're avoiding?

We've all been in denial, used excuses and practiced avoidance, and sometimes, just like an optical illusion, we couldn't see it, until we could see it.

What pain are you avoiding right now, by pretending that you don’t know what you need to be doing? What are you denying or excusing? Are you pretending that you don't know what you need to be eating, or how to talk to your spouse, or finish the project, or forgive a friend? Where are you burying your head in the sand? Is it worth it?

Avoiding this thing, is avoiding the feeling that thinking about it, and dealing with it can create. Running from making this change, or denying this issue, will provide temporary relief from the discomfort, or fear or sadness that handling it will create, but this is never a substitute for creating a feeling of pride, and ease in your life.

Avoiding a feeling always turns into a larger problem, with even more intense and overwhelming feelings, compounded by an extra dose of regret, sprinkled with guilt or shame, for not having done what you knew to, in the moment.

Practice compassion with yourself right now, and then ask, how would a wise friend, or if you prefer, an imaginary mentor like Dumbledore, Mary Poppins or Yoda suggest you square up, and get on with it?

What would you like to feel more of, and how could knowing this thing, handling this thing and dealing with this thing lead to long-term and lasting joy, ease and peace? Short-term discomfort is always better than long-term pain.

“Sticking your head in the sand does not prevent the tide from coming in.”~ K.J.

Name this thing, pick one small action, and get support if you need to, because you can't enjoy the beach, if your head is stuck in the sand.


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