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How Resolutions Fail

How are your New Year's resolutions going?

Almost two months have passed since the start of 2019, and maybe, like many others, you have a list of to-dos and not to-dos, bucket list ideas and carpe diem type goals - all the things, places, stuff, and dreams you want to achieve.

I want to help you keep going or reset with one very simple, but powerful idea; you have to be here, to get there.

Yes, right here. All the dreams on your vision board, on your mind-maps, in your dream journal, and all the strategies, SMART goals and 3-month plans, happen here, and happen now.

Your hopes and desires are realized by the consistent and persistent choices you make, one after another, again and again, in the here and now. Your big dreams, are the result of the small choices made day after day, after day.

The road you travel, the steps you take, the path you follow to get there, all here, all now.

The someday you dream of, the person you'll be, the feelings you'll feel, need to be acted on, here and now.

Here and now, however, is where we resist change, seek comfort, believe it's too hard. Here's where the anchors from the past, and regrets of then, block your here, and rob your now.

Here, is where there are demands, difficulties, the same old, same old: dirty diapers, debt, weight gain, and so we dream of then, someday, and we resolve, to get there. But, you must resolve to be here. Because, here's where you get there.

Use your imagination, your dream, your vision board to give you energy, here and now. Use it to provide hope and direction, and then come to the present with all that energy, all that optimism, all that desire, and rock this moment, don't wait for someday.

Be dedicated, persistent, focused and committed to then, by staying right here and right now.

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