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The Most Difficult Time Of The Year?

It's Not Always So Merry And Bright.

This is for all those who don’t think this is the most wonderful time of the year.

Where Christmas brings up painful reminders and challenges, and increases tension, pain and grief.

This is for all those who've battled at this time a year, and are still battling.

The ones who've fought for something or someone, and are still fighting.

The ones who've survived something, somehow.

And are still surviving.

This is for all those who’ve been orphaned, abandoned and neglected.

The ones who've lost and feel lost.

The ones where the hype of the season, heightens the pain.

That no matter where they go, they’re reminded.

Reminded of what was.

Reminded of what is.

Reminded of what can’t be.

Just, reminded.

So, this is for you, all those who don’t feel holly jolly, and who aren’t thrilled with all the twinkles and bright.

The ones who keep going forward, despite your pain.

The ones who participate, despite your loss.

The ones who persevere and feel no gain.

My wish for you is peace. I wish you comfort. For you, I hold onto the promise of better, easier, softer days. I hope you can feel it, with all my heart.

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