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What Are You Avoiding?

What thing are you avoiding? Where in your life do you avoid doing what you need to do? What are you pretending you don’t know? We do this from time-to-time: denial, excuses, procrastination, and sometimes, just like an optical illusion, we don’t see it, until we see it.

What's the pain you're trying to avoid by pretending? Are you pretending that you don’t know what you should be eating, or how to talk to your spouse, or the choice to make, or how to forgive a friend? Is it worth it?

Avoiding this thing, is avoiding the feeling that thinking about it, and dealing with it creates. The discomfort from change, or the fear of rejection or the sadness when disappointing others, is never a substitute for creating a feeling of peace from handling it.

Avoiding a feeling builds, and turns into a larger problem, with even more intense and overwhelming feelings, compounded by an extra dose of regret, and then guilt or shame, for not having done what you knew to, in the moment.

You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality -Ayn Rand

Practice self-compassion right now. How would a wise friend, Dumbledore, Mary Poppins, or Yoda suggest you square up, and get on with it? What would you like to feel more of, and how could knowing this thing, handling this thing, and dealing with this thing support joy, ease and peace?

Short-term discomfort is always better than long-term pain.

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